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        1. 由于涉及商業機密,評論中相關公司名稱被隱藏
          • DOUG from USA

            It has been a great experience working with Ritar for 7 years—I wish it was 70!

            Ritar has produced outstanding product—great quality, great delivery and outstanding customer service—and will continue to do so.  The support provided to N from Ritar has been world class—Ritar will always work to find a solution to customer demand changes, custom product/product requests, or virtually anything I or our customer have asked for.  Ritar produces world class quality product and stands behind their product better than any other battery company I have worked for or with.  Ritar’s manufacturing facility is second to none—producing high quality, high performing product at a competitive price.  Ritar’s manufacturing flexibility has been a great advantage for us, often times providing multiple containers in short fashion for customers with requesting zero lead times. We has used Ritar exclusively for the last 7 years and will continue to do so. It has been a pleasure working with Ritar, the support provided by Jane’s group has truly been outstanding.



            From USA

          • G. Aggelos from Greece

            ?We are writing this letter to express our appreciation and satisfaction towards the last lasting business partnership we have and which can be definitely characterized as honest, effective and productive.

            Ritar Power is an export company with no bureaucratic manners, good structure and efficient procedures.

            Combining the above with our satisfaction towards product quality, it create a very positive outcome which holds us loyal as customers more than 10 years.

            Pricing is an issue that Ritar Power should always strive for higher competitiveness, and especially at low Ah series.

            We trust you for further improvement.

            In terms of flexibility, we are blessed for having such a partner, who can hear our customized needs and can always provide the best possible solution.

            We thank you for our cooperation so far and we are sure that it will become stronger and stronger in the future.

            With my best regards,

            G. Aggelos

            Finance Director & Vice President

            From Greece

          • F.Youssouf Minthe from Germany

            We buying solar batteries for African markets since years, likes to share the following observations with you:



            -Very reactive knowledgeable staff, quick response, smooth communication

            -in case of warranty RITAR also fulfilled its obligations- highly appreciated

            -quality of branding, logo very good

            -smooth logistics/export handling and quick delivery of shipping documents

            -Letter from manufacturer for tenders are quickly done



                  Payment conditions!

            With Germany company Hoppecke for instance we have 30 days after delivery. As transit time to Africa is very long, up to 2 months for land-locked countries, payment before shipping stresses our liquidity. Note that we have suppliers from Turkey giving even 120 days.



                  Revise payment terms for long-term customers allowing for longer payment delays.


            Sincerely yours

            F.Youssouf Minthe

            General Manager

            From Germany

          • E. Y. Sumaru from Fiji

            ?To whom it may concern This is to certify that we are one of the companies in Fiji who are importers of automotive, UPS, Solar, etc types of batteries who have been operating for over 70 years.

            We are closely in business relations with RITAR who supplies us with solar deeps cycle and UPS batteries.

            During the last 3 years we have been importing from RITAR and rely on their high quality batteries which meets the international standards as required by our government.

            We have also found that their services in supply and shipping to be very efficient. Also the price are most competitive in the market in regards to its high quality.

            We do recommend to any company who may require of their products and services.

            Yours sincerely,

            E. Y. Sumaru

            From Fiji

          • E. Geiger from Kazakhstan

            Hereby, our company would like to express gratitude to your respected company.

            It will be our first time when we will purchase the batteries from you, but for the whole time of our recent cooperation you and your colleagues showed a big responsibility and excellent service with us as your customers. In June 2014 our representatives have visited your factory and were greatly satisfied with your production and good quality of goods.

            We really appreciate our started cooperation and sure that the goods, which will be delivered to our plant at the beginning of September, will conform all requirements.

            Hope on our further long-term relationship!

            Kind regards,

            Mrs. E. Geiger

            Sales manager

            From Kazakhstan


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